Mitsubishi shows off buggy concept with AR windscreen

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Oct 23, 2019

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TOYKO - With the Mi-Tech Concept, Mitsubishi is showing that it could one day join Volkswagen’s ID Buggy in reviving the beach buggy craze for the electric age.

Mitsubishi describes the new design study as a “dynamic buggy-type vehicle” that delivers "unparalleled driving pleasure and confidence over all terrain.”

It even has a system that allows for 180-degree spins by counter-rotating the left and right tyres. 

This concept has an interesting plug-in hybrid drivetrain that mates a four-motor electric four-wheel-drive system with a battery and a back-up gas turbine engine-generator that can also run on diesel, kerosene or alcohol if called upon.

The electric 4WD system also has the ability to separately transmit the optimal driving forces to whichever wheels need it, which will prove useful in off-road situations where one or two wheels lose traction. 

The vehicle also has electric brake callipers, which are said to allow for increased responsiveness and high-accuracy control of the drive and braking force on the four wheels, while also delivering a “drastic improvement” in turning and traction performance.

Augmented reality inside

The cabin is a far cry from the stripped out beach crawler that you remember, the Mi-Tech concept featuring a human machine interface that displays varying information detected through sensing technology on an augmented reality windscreen. This AR system displays vehicle, road and surrounding traffic conditions, making it easier for drivers to make decisions without taking their eyes off the road ahead.

Cool as it might be, it’s unlikely that Mitsubishi would ever launch a production version of the Mi-Tech concept, but its powertrain innovations could certainly see light of day in one form or another. 

Mitsubishi Motors COO Ashwani Gupta said at the vehicle’s Tokyo show unveiling that it planned to employ the company’s electrification technologies to a range of new compact and mid-sized SUVs from 2022.

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