Barcelona, Spain - Arguably the most innovative feature of the all-new Audi A8, to be revealed here later today, is that it uses a camera to ‘read’ the road ahead and resets the suspension on each wheel individually in advance for each bump in the tar, to ensure the smoothest possible ride.

The car’s 48-volt electrical system powers a fully active air suspension system with an electric motor on each damper, geared to a rotary tube and an internal titanium torsion bar.

The camera scans the road ahead for bumps 18 times a second, and the electronic chassis platform processes the road surface information and precisely controls all the suspension components, transmitting just the right amount of travel to each wheel just as it reaches each bump.

The system is also self-leveling, minimising rolling during cornering and pitching during acceleration and braking, so the VIP in the back can work, surf the net or simply relax undisturbed.

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