Hiroshima, Japan - Mazda will give us an early look at the next-generation Mazda3 at the upcoming Tokyo show with a new hatchback concept, seen here in the first official teaser images.

Although the Japanese carmaker hasn’t officially confirmed that the new showcar previews the next Mazda3, it has been referred to as a “product concept model” and “compact hatchback”, and given its basic dimensions, and the fact that the Mazda3 is due for replacement before the current Mazda2, we’d put our money on this being the company’s next Golf challenger in drag.

From what we can make out in the darkened teaser pics, the concept has an appealing fastback shape, slim headlights and possibly a large trapezoidal grille similar to that on the latest CX-5.


Although we’re still awaiting more detail on the new engine, it claims to be the first series production petrol powerplant in the world to use diesel-style compression ignition.

Oh, and Mazda will also use the show to reveal a second concept (pictured below), which doesn’t preview any specific upcoming model, but which does apparently provide a foretaste of some of Mazda’s future styling ideas. 

IOL Motoring