New SA-bound MC20 supercar marks a new era for Maserati

Published Sep 10, 2020


MODENA, ITALY - Maserati is getting back in the supercar game with its all-new MC20, which aims to be a ‘have your cake and eat it’ kind of package that was designed to storm around a race track with the greatest of precision, while also providing a comfortable and luxurious experience on the way home.

Both car and engine were developed completely in-house by Maserati, with production set to take place at the historic Viale Ciro Menotti plant in Modena. South African sales are scheduled to commence in early 2021, according to the importer.

And its patented 3-litre V6 turbopetrol engine certainly has impressive credentials.

With 463kW on command, the MC20 is able to dart from 0-100km/h in just 2.9 seconds and on to 200 in less than 8.8 seconds, according to factory claims, while the top speed is listed at 325km/h.

The 3000cc 90-degree V6 is dubbed Nuetto, and it has an innovative combustion system derived from Formula One powertrains. Each cylinder has a dual combustion chamber that includes a pre-chamber positioned between the central spark plug and the conventional chamber. When use of this pre-chamber is not necessary, a side spark plug ensures smooth combustion through the conventional combustion chamber.

But it takes more than just a powerful engine to achieve such lofty performance ambitions, which is why Maserati has created a lightweight structure that keeps the kerb weight below 1500kg to ensure the best power to weight ratio in its class. The entire chassis is made from carbon fibre and composites, which enables the creation of shapes that would have been impossible when using press-formed metals.

Maserati engineers also spent over 2000 man-hours perfecting the aerodynamics in the Dallara Wind Tunnel and the result, they say, is a “genuine work of art”. The front of the car incorporates an elaborate system of vortex generators while the back end employs a large diffuser with channels of different depths and optimised vertical spoilers that exploit the pressure differences between the various sections.

The MC20’s cabin, Maserati says, is particularly driver-centric, with simple forms, very few sharp edges and minimal distractions for the driver. That said, it still has all the necessary luxuries, such as a central infotainment system with connected navigation, Alexa and wifi hotspot, as well as wireless phone charging. Clients can also customise their cars with a range of exclusive materials and colour combinations.

The car’s name, incidentally, harks back to the MC12, which marked Maserati’s racing comeback in 2004, and it appears as if the MC20 is here to usher in another motor racing era for the Italian brand.

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