Munich - BMW has released yet another teaser of its upcoming concept car for Pebble Beach, and this one all but confirms that the show car will be a preview of sorts for the upcoming Z4 successor.

BMW will officially pull the covers off the concept at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance this Thursday (August 17), so watch this space for the pictures and info as it all becomes available.

The production version of the concept is likely to reach fruition in 2018, and some have speculated that it will carry the Z5 nameplate.

Power is likely to come from a wide range of BMW’s existing four- and six-cylinder turbopetrol engines, driving the rear wheels of course.

Yet an even more exciting prospect for many is that - through a new joint venture - the newcomer will share its platform with Toyota’s resurrected Supra, which is also expected to debut around the same time.

Rumours suggest that the two will attempt to avoid competing directly by offering different body styles.

This would see the Supra being offered as a tin-top only, while the BMW will be sold exclusively as a soft-top roadster.

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