Tokyo - Toyota has revealed its GR HV Sports concept ahead of its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month and given that it is evidently based on the 86 coupé, it could hold a few clues to the design of the next-generation rear-driven two-door.

With a design inspired by the company’s TS050 Le Mans and WEC racing car, the targa-top concept aims to blend sports car fun with eco-friendly credentials.

Toyota hasn’t divulged any drivetrain or performance details, besides stating that it has a hybrid drivetrain with a battery mounted close to the centre of the vehicle for optimal weight distribution. 

Perhaps a battery boost is how the 86 is going to eventually get its much-needed performance perk-up?

The concept has a six-speed automatic gearbox, but with an H-pattern manual shifting function to please those who want to swop cogs the good old fashioned way, but without the burden of a clutch.

In an interesting, but possibly clunky ergonomic move, Toyota has positioned the ignition start-button beneath a flap on the gear knob.

The GH HV concept won’t be the star of Toyota’s Tokyo stand however, if we are to believe those widespread rumours that Toyota will finally pull the covers off its long-awaited, BMW-based Supra successor, in concept form at least.

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