By: Jason Woosey

The bits of car that you see in these teaser images could, in the world of Volkswagen, become the biggest thing since the Beetle.

The as-yet-unnamed concept car, set for full reveal at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September, is said to signal a whole new era for the brand and it's also set to spawn a production model before this decade is out.

In fact, VW boldly claims that its new baby will be “as revolutionary as the Beetle was seven decades ago”.

We don't know much about the vehicle at this stage, except that it will be battery-powered - just what the company needs as it attempts to move beyond the ‘dieselgate’ scandal.

VW says the production model will be the first of its products to be built on its new MEB modular electric vehicle platform.

Though it's unlikely to be a cheapie like the Beetle was, our bet is that VW will attempt to price it attractively enough to make electric motoring mainstream. Think of it, then, as the 'Beetle' of the electric car era.

But what about the impracticalities of battery cars? It has been widely reported that VW is working on a battery, for its upcoming small EV, which can be charged in just 15 minutes, and with a range of around 500km between charges.