Porsche Taycan enhanced (and brightened up) for 2022

Published Aug 25, 2021


STUTTGART - The Porsche Taycan has been given a series of updates for the 2022 model year, and these include technological enhancements in the cabin as well as a new Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus options that treat Porsche clients an array of personal and unusual colour options.

The Paint to Sample option gives buyers a choice of 65 additional exterior colours, including some bright 1990s throwbacks such as Rubystar Red. Other options include Acid Green, Moonlight Blue Metallic and Viola Metallic.

Clients who want to get really personal can opt for Paint to Sample Plus, which allows almost complete freedom. Bring your sample and Porsche will make it happen, at a price.

Remote parking and improved infotainment

Porsche Taycan buyers can now opt for a new Remote Park Assist option, which allows the car to be parked by remote control via the owner’s smartphone. Automatic control is possible for both parallel and perpendicular parking spaces and garages, which can be automatically detected by the car’s system of cameras and ultrasonic sensors.

Porsche has also improved the infotainment functions in the Taycan. For starters, the layout of the operating system has been revised, with five menu options now appearing on the central display (up from three), and the icons can be arranged individually. Furthermore, Android Auto is now deeply integrated in the Porsche Communications Management system, and the car’s voice assistant system is said to understand instructions in everyday language even better. The satnav system also calculates more quickly, Porsche says, and primarily uses the online search for points of interest.

Going further on a charge

Although the claimed driving range for the various Porsche Taycan models remains as before, due to the fact that 2022 models have not been separately homologated, the carmaker does claim to have improved the real-world driving range of these models. This is through extensive technological developments, including the almost complete decoupling of the front electric motor when not in use, and an electric freewheel function that reduces drag losses when the car is coasting. Porsche says it has also improved the thermal management and charging functions, allowing for faster charging.

Porsche Centre South Africa says we can expect the MY2022 Taycans to hit local showrooms early in 2022, with pricing to be announced closer to the time.

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