The Autobiography Edition features subtle exterior enhancements and back seats fit for a sleepy dictator.
The Autobiography Edition features subtle exterior enhancements and back seats fit for a sleepy dictator.
Westminster Edition
Westminster Edition

Given the timing of the announcement of two new special edition Range Rovers in the UK, one would think it has something to do with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Wrong. These editions actually celebrate the fact that the current Range Rover has been on the shelf for 10 years. That's refreshingly forthright in a world where a car's age usually gets discreetly hidden beneath another small facelift of a facelift of a facelift - not that the Rangie hasn't received its fair share of nips and tucks.


You don't get more stately-sounding that this, but then it's fitting that the Range Rover Westminster Edition replaces the previous TDV8 Vogue and Vogue SE models.

This model is marked out by what Land Rover calls a bright 'Noble' front grille and side vent finish as well as 'Titan' silver lower splitter bar and fog lamp bezels, 10-spoke 20-inch alloy wheels and 'Westminster' badging.

The cabin is graced by Grand Black lacquer trim elements, luxury carpets (we should hope so in a Range Rover) and illuminated treadplates.

Keeping sire entertained is a 19-speaker, 1200W Harman/kardon Logic7 surround sound system and Dual View infotainment screen while front seats with both heating and cooling functions will keep you comfortable.


The Autobiography Edition throws some bolder design features into the mix, a highlight being the Range Rover Design Pack that introduces new front and rear bumpers, 'Titan' silver grille, fog lamp surrounds and side vents, integrated stainless steel exhaust finishes and side skirts. Its footwork consists of 20-inch Shadow Chrome alloy wheels.

"Perfect for sleepy dictators"

The stylish approach persists on the inside with the Range Rover Seat Style Pack, which means you get a fancier set of back seats that recline and allow lumbar adjustment and which are heated and cooled. Perfect for sleepy dictators, these back 'couches' have multi-adjustable, aircraft-style headrests with 'wings' for added support.

It even allows back seat drivers to irk the front passenger with a 'front seat away' function that provides a simple control for expanding rear legroom.

Finally, the Autobiography and Westminster editions can be ordered with one of seven exterior colours and with many different interior colour combinations.


On the subject of power (not the political type), the Westminster Edition is available only with Land Rover's 230kW/700Nm 4.4-litre TDV8 turbodiesel engine while the Autobiography can be had with either the latter oil burner or with the 375kW/625Nm supercharged petrol mill.

The diesel engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and the petrol to a six-speed autobox.

We're awaiting confirmation on whether these special editions will be introduced to South Africa.