Rolls-Royce ‘Earth Car’ depicts the Middle East - as seen from space!

Published Oct 27, 2020


ABU DHABI - Bespoke is a word you’ll hear often when going through the motions of purchasing a Rolls-Royce, but whereas most buyers stick to the British carmaker’s comprehensive colour and trim catalogue, some customers ask for something that’s truly unique.

In fact, the bespoke Wraith that you see here is quite out of this world. Commissioned through the Rolls-Royce Abu Dhabi dealership, the car features unique air-brushed artwork that depicts the Middle East - as seen from space.

The bonnet work alone took over 100 hours to complete, and the unique hand-painted coachline along the side of the vehicle incorporates the Sun and planets of the Solar System. The fact that 75 percent of the earth is covered by water served as inspiration for the car’s Royal Blue exterior colour.

The Middle Eastern space view is again depicted on the passenger side of the dashboard, and quite elaborately we must add, while the orbital theme continues on the infotainment system and door sills.

But we’re only getting started with this car’s long list of bespoke features, which also includes Moccasin leather seats that mimic the sands of the Emirates’ deserts as well as Navy and Cobalto Blue accents are suggestive of rivers and lakes, and a rear seat waterfall graphic rendered in minutely detailed embroidery using Photoflash technology.

“We’re used to clients bringing us grand visions for their Bespoke Commissions, but this provided a new perspective altogether,” said Rolls-Royce Lead Bespoke Designer Michael Bryden.

“In our response to the brief, we’ve worked at both the ‘macro’ level, referencing the Sun and planets of the whole Solar System, and the much more personal ‘micro’ level, centring our view of the world on the place the customer calls home,” Bryden added.

As a reminder, the Rolls Royce Wraith is powered by a 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 petrol engine that produces 465kW and 800Nm.

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