Johannesburg - Jaguar has announced local pricing for its new E-Pace SUV ahead of its launch in March.

Starting at R598 500, it undercuts the cheapest F-Pace by R160 000, although bear in mind that while the latter and other Jaguars are built around an advanced aluminium-intensive architecture, the E-Pace is steel bodied and based on the Range Rover Evoque in order to save on cost. 

While some overseas variants are front-wheel-driven, all South African models feature all-wheel-drive and there’s a full spread of four-cylinder Ingenium turbocharged engines to choose from, with the 2-litre diesel version offered in 110kW/380Nm, 132kW/430Nm and 177kW/500Nm guises and the 2-litre petrol available with either 184kW/365Nm or 221kW/400Nm.

All five engine variants are paired with an nine-speed automatic gearbox.

The E-Pace is shipped with Jaguar’s 25cm touchscreen infotainment system and buyers can opt for a range of ‘InControl’ apps, up to four 12-volt charging points and a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot.

Key standard features include dual-zone climate control, push-button start, front and rear parking aid (with rear camera), voice control and auto headlights and wipers. 

There is a wide selection of trim grades and option packs (see the brochure for more detail), including the R Dynamic styling package which Jaguar lists as a separate model.


Jaguar E-Pace

2.0 diesel 110kW BaseR598 500
2.0 diesel 110kW SR659 900
2.0 diesel 110kW SER698 900
2.0 diesel 110kW HSER734 900
2.0 diesel 132kW BaseR619 500
2.0 diesel 132kW SR680 900
2.0 diesel 132kW SER719 900
2.0 diesel 132kW HSER755 900
2.0 diesel 177kW SR735 100
2.0 diesel 177kW SER774 100
2.0 diesel 177kW HSER810 100
2.0 petrol 184kW BaseR667 800
2.0 petrol 184kW SR729 200
2.0 petrol 184kW SER768 200
2.0 petrol 184kW HSER804 200
2.0 petrol 221kW SR783 400
2.0 petrol 221kW SER822 400
2.0 petrol 221kW HSER858 400

Jaguar E-Pace R Dynamic

2.0 diesel 110kW BaseR632 500
2.0 diesel 110kW SR693 900
2.0 diesel 110kW SER732 900
2.0 diesel 110kW HSER768 900
2.0 diesel 132kW BaseR653 500
2.0 diesel 132kW SR714 900
2.0 diesel 132kW SER753 900
2.0 diesel 132kW HSER789 900
2.0 diesel 177kW SR769 100
2.0 diesel 177kW SER808 100
2.0 diesel 177kW HSER844 100
2.0 petrol 184kW BaseR701 800
2.0 petrol 184kW SR763 200
2.0 petrol 184kW SER802 200
2.0 petrol 184kW HSER838 200
2.0 petrol 221kW SR817 400
2.0 petrol 221kW SER845 400
2.0 petrol 221kW HSER892 400

Jaguar E-Pace First Edition

2.0 diesel 132kWR851 600
2.0 petrol 184kWR895 700