Unnamed Datsun hatchback concept could pave the way for a production model aimed at the youth market.

Nissan's newly-revived Datsun division has released an official sketch of its new concept car that will reveal itself to the world at the Delhi Auto Expo in India on February 5.

For now the budget brand is only feeding us a scrap of information on the as-yet-unnamed concept car, stating that it “represents a possible direction for the future expansion of Datsun's model line-up for up-and-coming young customers in high-growth markets, such as India.”

If such a production model retained the spunky design of the concept, we could certainly imagine it being a hit with the youth market.

What’s more, the proportions of the car in the sketch imply that it will be smaller than the Micra-based Datsun Go, which was revealed last year and which is scheduled to reach South Africa later this year with a promised price tag of less than R100 000.

Would they go even cheaper than that if the range were to expand downwards with a production model based on this concept? Let's wait and see.