Geneva Motor Show - Hyundai calls this sleek concept ’Le Fil Rouge’ (literally, the red wire, or a common thread) in a reference to its perception that its past, present and future designs are all connected.

But this one, it says, also marks a new beginning for Hyundai design and a glimpse of its future direction, a design philosophy it calls ‘Sensuous Sportiness’.

OK, enough with the fluff. The Fil Rouge concept is based on the classic ‘golden ratio’ (1.618), mathematically defined as a + b / a = a / b, which was first defined by Euclid 2400 years ago. This produces a profile with a long wheelbase, large wheels and short overhangs, and defines the dash-to-axle architecture (the distance from the the front wheel centre to the base of the windshield) in a way that creates a comfortable driving position.


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The designers used the play of light on the car’s surfaces to make it look as if it’s moving even when it’s standing still, with the A and C pillars blending into the roofline, as though the car above the high beltline was drawn with a single sweeping line, while the front treatment combines a wide, layered bonnet with a more three-dimensional version of Hyundai’s ‘cascading grille’.

The interior continues the theme using what Hyundai calls ‘tube architecture’, differentiating between the needs of the driver and passengers. The front passenger seat is designed with extra legroom for long-haul comfort, while the driver’s seat has ergonomics optimised to add to the fun of driving.

The driver has a panoramic floating display, which uses haptic technology to intuit the controls for infotainment and aircon - a two-way system inspired by aircraft ventilation that blows air over the curved interior surfaces, which are finished in high-tech fabrics and revitalised wood.

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