Stuttgart - Mercedes-Benz is getting ready to take the compact electric hatch challenge to the BMW i3’s doorstep, and we’ll get our first proper taste of this in the form of the EQA concept car, which will be revealed at next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

The official sketch you see here is the most revealing teaser yet of the new concept car, although no real information on the newcomer has been released as yet.

EQ is Merc’s new sub-brand for battery-powered vehicles and the EQA follows last year’s Concept EQ crossover, which is expected to spawn a production model called the EQC.

And those two are just the tip of the battery Benz iceberg, with the company aiming to introduce up to 10 new electric vehicles within the next five years. 

Earlier this year, Daimler chief executive Dieter Zetsche said that zero-emissions motoring would be at the centre of the company’s strategy, and that it would invest 10 billion euros (R154bn) on building up its electric fleet and one billion (R15.4b) on expanding battery production.

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