Stuttgart - Porsche has now given an official name to its upcoming electric sedan that has until now been known as the ‘Mission E’.

The Tesla-chasing electric sedan will be named Taycan, according to Porsche, and it’s set to go into production next year.

The name essentially means “lively young horse”, referencing the image in Porsche’s own crest and Porsche board chairman Oliver Blume explains it like this:

“Our new electric sports car is strong and dependable; it’s a vehicle that can consistently cover long distances and that epitomises freedom.”

On that note, Porsche is aiming for a range of over 500km between charges, and there are some serious performance claims too. 

Porsche reckons the car’s two electric motors will produce a system output of over 447kW, and accelerate the sedan from zero to 100km/h in under 3.5 seconds.

The Taycan is just one part of Porsche’s future electrification strategy, to which it is investing over 6 billion euros (around R92bn) between now and 2022. This also includes the creation of hybrid and electric versions of existing products in the Porsche portfolio.

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