Tokyo - Toyota will be showing its vision of a future luxury vehicle for the fuel-cell age with the Fine-Comfort Ride concept that it plans to debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Laugh at the name if you will (Fine stands for ‘Future IN Electrified Vehicle’ in case you were wondering) but this hydrogen-powered concept promises some serious performance and luxury. For the former it has a 310kW motor that can get the car from 0-100km/h in a claimed 5.4 seconds, with a range of approximately 1000km between hydrogen refuels.

The concept has a diamond-shaped, six-seat interior that narrows towards the rear and Toyota has optimised cabin space by placing a motor in each wheel, the hydrogen tank beneath the floor and the fuel-cell stack up front where the motor would normally have been placed.

Occupants sit on wraparound chairs that adjust according to posture and the driver can choose whether to drive the vehicle or swivel the chair around and kuier with the other occupants, while the vehicle and its artificial intelligence system takes over the driving.

Furthermore, the vehicle’s infotainment project info onto the windows for easy viewing by all occupants.

IOL Motoring