Detroit Michigan - It’s not due for release for at least another year, but Ford is already labelling its all-new Mustang Shelby GT500, emblazoned as it will be with cobra badges, the most venomous yet.

Details at this stage are sketchy at best, but we are told that its supercharged five-litre V8 is projected (Fordspeak for the target it’s aiming at) to kick out 515kW, which would make it the most powerful Ford production car ever unleashed on the public, with double the power of Carroll Shelby's original 1967 GT500.

To be offered as a fast-back coupé only, this one comes straight out of the Ford Performance skunk works with new track-focused driver aids, uprated hardware (i.e. brakes and suspension) and ‘functional track-tuned styling’.

What that last one means we’re not entirely sure, and the video doesn’t give us a clear look at the complete car, but it does highlight the most aggressive front splitter we’ve ever seen on a street-legal Ford.

And when we find out more, so will you.

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