New Volvo V60 eatate will move into centre frame on 21 February. Picture: Volvo Cars

Gothenburg, Sweden - With less than a week to go before the online debut of the new V60 estate, Volvo has released a ‘Throwback Thursday’ video showing how it got there.

Entitled ‘Designed for Generations, it traces the history of Volvo’s long-running V series of station wagons - all the way from the P1800 ES (which was derived not from a sedan but from the iconic P1800 sports coupé) to the recent Polestar versions - and the families that drove them, before offering us a few tantalising glimpses of the new V60’s grille and black leather interior with beige trim elements. After all, they’re not called ‘teasers’ for nothing, are they?

The new V60 will share Volvo’s new Scalable Product Architecture with the XC90 and V90, and will almost certainly continue Volvo’s current design philosophy of exclusively four-cylinder engines, with a petrol/electric hybrid of about 295kW and 640Nm combined at the top of the range.

The all-new V60 will be revealed live online at 5.30pm on Wednesday 21 February, and will make its real-world debut at the Geneva Motor Show on 6 March.

IOL Motoring