Johannesburg - Volkswagen has added three turbodiesels and a turbopetrol to the line-up of the second-generation Tiguan (Tigtwo?) and, more importantly, three of the four come with all-wheel drive.

Joining the 92kW and 110kW 1.4 TSI models that were all South Africa got at launch in August 2016 are two-litre TDI’s in 81kW, 105kW and 130kW tune, and the range-topping two-litre TSI with 162kW.

The base diesel’s 80kW is backed by 280Nm from 3000-4500rpm, driving the front wheels only via a six-speed manual - but its 105kW sibling (good for 340Nm from 1750-2750) has a seven-speed double-clutch DSG transmission modulating its 4Motion all-wheel drive, taking it from 0-100km/h in a claimed 9.5 seconds and on to 197km/h flat out.

Also boasting seven DSG ratios and all-wheel traction is the 130kW version, wielding 380Nm from 1750-3000rpm and sprinting off the line to 100km/h in a claimed 8.3 seconds and topping out at 207km/h.

But the Big Brother of the family is now the 162kW two-litre turbopetrol, rated for 350Nm from just off idle at 1500rpm. VW quotes 0-100 in 65s and a terminal velocity of 220km/h flat out, with BlueMotion idle stop and battery regeneration under braking to lessen the pain at the pumps, which is quoted at a nominal 7.8 litres per 100km in NEDC laboratory testing.

At the heart of of Tigtwo’s 4Motion all-wheel drive is a fifth-generation Haldex centre differential, sharing power between front and rear axles under the direction of a command centre linked to the car’s dynamic sensors, engine management system and gearbox.

What’s new, however, is a rotary/pushbutton switch that lets you select one of four driving modes without even having to look down. Turn it to the left for ‘Road’ and push in for ‘Snow’, flick to the right for ‘Offroad’ and push in for ‘Offroad Individual’ with variable settings.

In off-road mode the gearbox shift points are moved up the rev range and you can go to full manual control with the tip gate (+/-), which also deactivates the automatic free-wheeling function so you can use engine braking for steady downhill progress, helped by automatic traction and hill descent control

Even the dynamic cornering lights open up a brighter, wider light pattern near the car, for when you have to tackle a bush road at night.

The three all-wheel-drive Tiguans also have 10mm more ground clearance (201mm vs 191mm) an you can ask for a special ‘tucked in’ front end that give you an extra 7.3 degrees of approach angle clearance (up to 25.6 degrees).


1.4 TSI 92kW Trendline - R384 100

1.4 TSI 92kW Comfortline - R425 300

1.4 TSI 110kW Comfortline DSG - R465 000

2.0 TDI 81kW Comfortline - R469 500

2.0 TDI 105kW Comfortline 4Motion DSG - R523 800

2.0 TSI 162kW Highline 4Motion DSG - R542 200

2.0 TDI 130kW Highline 4Motion DSG - R549 500

These include a three-year or 120 000km warranty and a five-year or 90 000km service plan based on service intervals of 15 000km.

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