VW’s Skoda brand builds the ultimate car for cyclists

Time of article published Jun 10, 2019

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Milton Keynes, England - Volkswagen’s Skoda brand, which is not offered in South Africa, has created the ultimate support vehicle for cyclists and although it’s just a one-off concept car for now, it has some interesting features designed to make life easier for cyclists, and it's not impossible that some of these might see light of day at some point in the future.

The Karoq Velo was developed and built by Skoda’s UK division, in collaboration with a team of passionate cyclists and its unique design features were shaped by the results of a survey that involved more than 1500 active riders, who were asked to suggest ideas for the perfect cycling support vehicle.

The result is a vehicle that can even wash your dirty cycling clothes, using a fully integrated spin cycle washing machine. This was developed because 27 percent of the survey respondents said that returning to their car in damp cycling kit was a major downside of riding.

But it doesn’t just wash your clothes.

The on-board water tank also feeds an integrated pressure washer that can clean your bike in a jiffy.

Bike faults were also identified as a major bugbear for riders and to that end the Skoda concept comes with a full tool kit for bicycles and equipment for rapid puncture repairs. The team even thought as far as installing LED lights for late-night repairs.

Another aspect high on the wish list was carrying ability, with 37 percent of cyclists keen on a user-friendly exterior bike carrier and 29 percent preferring an in-car storage system. As you’d have guessed by now, this car can do both, with a system that allows two bikes to be mounted on the roof and one inside, while still leaving space for three adult passengers.

Upon arrival, those riders will be able to record their shenanigans, thanks to a Follow Me drone with its own magnetic landing pad. The drone uses sensors and other recognition tech to follow cyclists and capture ride photos. Once the ride’s over, footage can be immediately uploaded using the vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot. An emergency call function with location recognition is also part of the deal.

Although only one of these vehicles has been built, it will be put to use in real world conditions throughout the European summer, and amateur cyclists Keira McVitty and Laura Scott were the first to try it out, as you’ll see in the video below.

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