Pikes Peak, Colorado - Hang on to your seat as Gymkhana becomes Climbkhana, on the world’s longest, highest and most dangerous hillclimb.

Gymkhana stunt king Ken Block, always looking for a new challenge, takes his 1030kW methanol-fuelled all-wheel drive 6.7-litre twin-turbo V8 Hoonicorn V2 (based on a ‘65 Ford Mustang, although any current resemblance is purely coincidental) up the  iconic “Race to the Clouds” course, hanging it sideways (and occasionally over the edge!) on every corner, with the helicopter shots showing you what block can’t see - the several hundred metre sheer drop waiting for him if he gets it the slightest bit wrong.

Amp up the volume and hold tight for nine minutes of the most insanely dangerous drifting you are ever likely to see.

For a bit of perspective, the hillclimb course  - which is actually the access road to the United States Army Pikes Peak Research Laboratory - starts at Mile 7 on the Pikes Peak Highway, at 2860 metres above sea level, and climbs 1440 metres to 4300 metres, through 156 corners, over a distance of 19.99 kilometres.

The absolute course record is 8m13.878s, set in 2013 by rally icon Sebastien Loeb in the purpose-built Peugeot 208 T16. Block's time? Watch the video and see...