On June 30th, at the X Games Los Angeles 2012, two drivers from Team Hot WheelsTM strive for a new world record racing through the six-story vertical loop of the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare (CNW Group/Hot Wheels)

Just days after the Top Gear stunt team pulled off two consecutive loops at the Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban, the Hot Wheels toy company says it plans to take defying gravity to a whole new level - with a continuous double loop.

Not only that, they want to make it a double-double by sending two drivers through side by side!

The sheer scale of the stunt is huge. The loops will be enormous, 20 metres in diameter (compared to eight for the Durban loops), which means the stuntmen will have to go much faster than Top Gear's drivers to avoid falling out at the top of the loop, and endure correspondingly higher G forces.

The loops will eight metres wide, so the cars will be able to run side by side, and the entire structure will weigh 75 tonnes!


Catch it on satellite

The stunt is planned to take place on 30 June during the 2012 X Games in Los Angeles, and will be broadcast live on ABC and ESPN.