Mount the GoPro anywhere you want and youve got a killer point-of-view shot.

Over the past few years the high-definition Go-Pro camera has become the darling of action film-makers the world over. All you do is use the handy bracket that comes with the camera to mount it anywhere you want - and you've got a killer point-of-view shot.

Gymkhana star Ken Block and his Hoonigan crew used literally dozens of them, mounted all over the Fiesta, while making his recent Gymkhana 6 video, cutting in the close-up Go-Pro footage to great effect.


But there's a lot more great shots where those came from, much of it genuinely too good to waste, so the video crew have put together a second edition of Gymkhana 6 using only Go-Pro footage.

We advise you to concentrate; the effect is choppy, intense and in your face, modern film-making at its best and most demanding.