This is where things start to go really pear-shaped for Porsche 911 RSR driver Harry Kleinjan.

We're not sure whether this is a thumbs-down for the way some Porsche drivers treat their cars, or an equally stunning tribute to the way Porsche builds them.

Watch as Porsche 911 RSR driver Harry Kleinjan gets it all wrong (very wrong, to judge by the amount of tyre smoke!) going into the second section of an S-bend on Special Stage 4 of the recent Hellendoorn Rally in the Netherlands.


Trouble is, no matter where you go in Holland, there's always water nearby, as you'll see when the 911 flattens not one but two temporary concrete barriers, losing both left-side wheels in the process, and does a neat aerial half-roll to land upside-down in a river.

To the eternal credit of the guys at Porsche, both Kleinjan and his navigator walked (waded?) away unhurt.