Watch Alphonso Loots destroy a car as he drives his Titan Monster truck right over it. File photo: Justin Hoeben
Cape Town - If it's wheeled power that grabs you, then don’t miss the 2017 Argus Killarney Motor Show on Sunday, October 15.

Because that’s where everything from the oldest and the weirdest, to the most latest cars, bakkies, motorcycles and even tractors, are going to be there for everyone to see.

Killarney can justifiably claim to be presenting the biggest show in the Cape (and possibly the country), after the success of the 2016 presentation that resulted in the complex being jam packed with a variety of exhibits, together with a flow of onlookers, who were constantly on the move as they tried to see them all.

And of course it’s a live motor show, as well as being the more conventional static exhibition. New cars and bikes can be test-driven over a section of the circuit.

Everything with wheels and an engine - even tractors will be featured at the Killarney Motor Show.

Live entertainment 

The Le Riche brothers, who were both rated in the top 10 during a tour of the United States, and who thrilled the Killarney crowd in 2016 with their daring motorcycle display, will be back in action with an all-new act.

But it’s the car-crunching monster truck, a type of vehicle that has never been seen in these parts before, that is certain to claim the most attention, as Alphonso Loots destroys a car by driving his Titan monster truck right over it.

Its Ford F-250 body is up in the air, supported on giant wheels that are chest high, with tyres that measure a metre in width.

While truck contests are growing in popularity around the world, it’s the US that is leading the way. But of course, that’s where it all began, when Bob Chandler built the original Big-Foot back in the late 1970s. He was soon challenged by others with names that included Bear-Foot and King Kong, as well as funereal titles like Gravedigger, Master of Disaster and the most popular of them all, the Grim Reaper.

Glittering customs

Several custom vehicles are being prepared especially for the show, including an ultra-rare Italian Laverda Jota musclebike from the early 1980s, the subject of an 11 year nut-and-bolt restoration by Stretch Henrick of Eurobike, which will be seen in public for the first time at Killarney.

Laverda Jota project bike on the bench at Eurobike; see it it in all its finished glory at Killarney.

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