WRC stars like Sebastien Loeb may soon be seen parading around the KZN countryside.

Kagiso Vantage, a Kagise Media subsidiary, is bidding to have Kwa-Zulu Natal host a round of the World Rally Championship and says that it is in a prime position to do so.

A positive sign of our successful bid is the fact that the FIA has asked South Africa to host a candidate event from 16 to 18 August.

The proposed route will take contenders through three areas of KZN, those being the Valley of a Thousand Hills, Richmond and the South Coast, with the Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban serving as a service park and hosting the opening and closing ceremonies.

If the WRC event gets the green light, it will give South Africa exposure to the 570 million viewers in 200 countries, which the world's second biggest motorsport event attracts.

The local motorsport fraternity also stands to benefit greatly from this, as Motorsport South Africa chairman Steve Miller explains:

"For teams, sponsors and other stakeholders, the importance of hosting a round of the WRC in South Africa is indisputable. It will undoubtedly raise the profile of motorsport in general and boost this discipline of the sport.

"We are fortunate that South Africa has a very strong reputation for being able to host major sporting events successfully in a way that unifies the Nation and showcases the country," he concludes.