Chichester, Sussex - Honda is bringing a sense of fun to this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, opening from Thursday, with this piece of performance art, entitled ‘The Human Car’.

Twelve talented players bend and entwine their bodies to form the shapes of a Civic Type R and a Fireblade superbike - which Ministry of Fun director Kevin Doody admitted was an ‘interesting’ challenge to choreograph.

But there’s a serious side to it as well, said Honda UK boss Dave Hodgetts, in that it represents Honda’s efforts to close the gap between man and machine by bringing the machines closer to the people rather than the other way round, in line with Honda’s stated design philosophy, ‘man maximum, machine minimum’.

The Honda stand at the 2017 Festival takes the form of a family-friendly laboratory, the Challenge Lab, aimed at giving showgoers an insight into its people-focused technology through a series of mental and physical challenges, including a rock-climbing wall, as well as speed and cognitive challenges.

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