Nurburg, Germany - Factoring out road circuits such as Dundrod, the Isle of Man TT course and Le Mans, the 20.8 kilometre Nurburgring is by far the world’s most treacherous closed circuit, responsible for some of the most horrendous crashes in motorsport history, especially as it’s open to the public most days of the week.

While we are all fascinated by the epic car-crunching pile-ups recorded on dedicated ‘Ring channel EMS, there’s always an undercurrent of sadness, as the cars, often irreplaceable classics or exquisite custom builds, are destroyed by their drivers’ overestimation of their own driving talent.

Which is what makes this latest compilation of near-misses so entertaining; it’s 10 minutes of the most bone-headed, over-ego’ed, under-skilled off-track excursions recorded at the ‘Ring in recent times - but not a single one of the cars involved picked up so much as a scratch.

Pour yourself a fresh coffee, amp up the volume and get set to giggle without feeling guilty.

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