Midrand - High speed collisions are a fact of life in the world of racing, but they can be particularly painful to watch when said race cars are supercars from the likes of Ferrari and Porsche.

The G&H Transport Extreme Supercars series saw such an incident during qualifying for a race at Kyalami last Friday when Ferrari 458 GT3 driver Craig Jarvis nudged the Porsche GT2R of Johan Engelbrecht on one of the slow down laps, sending the former into the barriers before a massive roll.

Thankfully the drivers were not injured, but Jarvis did share his misery with the rest of the world by posting this video on YouTube on Monday, and stating “I was not injured, but am obviously very sad as the car is a complete write-off.” 

The JogaJogaCafe racing team that runs the Porsche were also good sports about the incident, posting this on their Facebook page:

“Unfortunately on one of the slow down laps Craig Jarvis didn't see the #JogaJogaCafe #GTClubsport #Porsche and tagged him into the kink just after the finish line and ending our weekend with too much damage to fix. Hard luck but such is racing and fortunately both drivers ok after a high speed crash.”

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