Looks like a simple loop but there will be a very fine line between excessive g-forces and falling off.

Durban audiences will the first in the world to see anyone braving a double 'loop the loop' stunt this weekend.

It's all set to take place at the Top Gear Festival, where the stunt team will attempt this difficult feat in a specially-prepared buggy on what Top Gear calls the 'Deadly 720'.

It's a lot more complicated than it sounds as in order to prevent falling off one of the 8-metre-tall loops once the top section is reached, the driver must enter each of them at speed faster than 38.6km/h. However, if he happens to exceed 41.8km/h, the g-force could cause him to black out.

In fact, even the g-forces involved at the optimal speed are enough to force the driver's foot into the throttle, which is why they've fitted special hand controls to lock out the pedal during the stunt. He'll have to really plant it off the mark though, as the run up to the loop is a mere 30 metres.

Even the suspension has been specially designed not to bottom out and grind the steel floor during either of the loops as this would rub off vital speed and things would inevitably end in disaster.

To lessen the likelihood of that, the first single-loop that was created in 2009 was tested using a remote control buggy.

The Top Gear Festival takes place at the Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban this coming weekend, 16-17 June.