Subaru BRZ RA Racer comes kitted for the track.

Subaru has just treated the Japanese domestic market to a race-ready version of its BRZ rear-wheel drive coupé.

Set to compete in the Gazoo Racing 86/BRZ race series, the RA Racing is based on the stripped-out RA version of the BRZ, except it has all the trimmings you'd expect in a proper race car.

Its armoury includes a full roll cage, four-point FIA-certified seat belts, brake ducts and tow hooks.

However, it's still powered by the familiar 147kW 2-litre flat-four engine.

Yet it's a Subaru ready to race and all yours (if you live in Japan) for just 2 868 000 yen, which works out to about R284 138.