Take a ride on the ultimate Hot Wheels track

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Dec 29, 2017

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Los Angeles, California - Mattel’s Hot Wheels plastic track lends itself to adventurous extension, but this layout, by a group calling itself 5 Mad Movie Makers, takes the concept to a whole new level.

It starts from an upstairs window, crosses a high wooden bridge, goes round several sharp corners, loops the loop, runs along the side of the garden, up and over a few whoop-de-doos and dives through a gap in the fence to the front garden of the house.

The track is a mindblowing 43 metres long, and the final section flattens out so that the car comes to a gentle stop just as it falls off the end, after a 25 second run - that’s a real speed of 6.2km/h or a 1:64 scale speed of just under 400km/h!

Finally, the crew mounts a G-Pro Hero 5 Session on a specially 3D printed car for a spectacularly vertiginous point-of-view ride that’s guaranteed to make you slightly queasy the first time you watch it - but it’s worth it!

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