London - This is the first teaser for Season 25 of Top Gear, hosted as before by Chris ‘Carsick’ Harris, Matt ‘Friend’ LeBlanc and Rory ‘OMG’ Reid. 

But the star of the 30-second quickfire clip is Officer Ken Block of the Los Angeles Police Department, driving the precinct’s first off-road patrol car in his usual inimitable fashion while giving chase to the three regular presenters, who are behind the wheels of a McLaren 570S, a yellow Ford Mustang and a red coupé, respectively.

We don’t know where this particular piece of lunacy was shot, but the run-down industrial on the edge of town and the snow-capped mountains in the background suggest Block’s hometown of Park City, Utah.

LeBlanc has said the new season will have more comedy, in a bid to widen its audience.

The BBC promises that the new season of Top Gear is ‘coming soon’ - we’d guess that means during the second quarter of 2018, after the second season of The Grand Tour wraps up.

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