Picture: BobaMotoring

Paderborn, Germany - You may remember this very standard-looking 1989 Jumbo Golf, built by specialist tuner Boba Motoring with the stated intention of creating the world’s hottest two-litre hatch.

Back in 2016 it had a Golf Mk3 GTI 16-valve engine with heavy-duty pistons and con rods, bigger injectors, hot cams and a turbo almost as big as the turbo block, driving all four wheels via a six-speed sequential transmission and a standard Haldex 4Motion all-wheel drive system.

Boba quoted an astonishing 907kW and 1094Nm and easily got it into the eights on the quartermile with terminal speeds around 260km/h. Given enough room, he said, it would go well over 300km/h, without any lightweight components or aero kit.

Since then Boba has fitted what he claims is a standard Volkswagen DQ250 DSG  transmission (he doesn’t say standard for what, however!) and remapped the ECU to suit its characteristics. The black street sleeper will now hit 100km/h off a standing start in 2.1 seconds, and 200 in 5.4.

Its top speed is estimated on the scary side of 340km/h, and it is now officially the world’s fastest two-litre, two-pedal motorcar, with a timed run at Finsterwalde of 8.769 seconds at 267.94km/h - which you can watch below, just in case you think it’s impossible.

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