Nurburg, Germany – One of the things that makes the Nordschleife at the Nurburgring is that it’s an old circuit with very limited run-off area, and it punishes mistakes unmercifully.

That said, the driver of this Renault Clio got it really, really wrong, running off the inside of a left-hander after (presumably) overcooking it on the brakes, sending the car straight across the track into the deformable barrier, hard enough to deform the body-shell slightly and send the car flying up into the air in a big half-loop and back onto the track – luckily, on its wheels, albeit minus a lot of body panels.

Three good things came out of this video, however: firstly, the driver walked away, seemingly unhurt; secondly, a flag marshal was there, waving the yellow flag and calling for back-up on his radio, within seconds; and lastly, a surprising number of drivers on their own hot laps stopped to see if they could help.

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