Spielberg, Austria – What do Formula One drivers do on their day off?

In the case of Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, they hitch a couple of caravans to two Aston Martin supercars and race them around their home circuit, the Red Bull Ring!

OK, it was all a stunt to publicise the upcoming Austrian Grand Prix in July, and the two drivers could hardly stop laughing the whole time – but there was nothing funny about the cars.

Ricciardo was driving a 423kW Vanquish Volante, and Verstappen a 443kW Vanquish S Volante, each completely standard apart from a factory option towbar.

The caravans, each of which weighed about 400kg, were fitted with Pirelli slicks in an attempt to keep them from trying to overtaking the tow-cars in corners, but it didn’t help – neither survived the race.

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