Picture: Hoonigan.com.
Picture: Hoonigan.com.

WATCH: Gymkhana action returns with ‘wildest ever’ (643kW) Subaru STI

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Dec 9, 2020

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ANNAPOLIS, USA - The Gymkhana video series is back to add some tyre-shredding sparkle to what can only be described as a turbulent year, and much has changed on the Hoonigan front too.

The latest Gymkhana clip, released on YouTube this week, also sees Ken Block passing the torch to fellow rally rival Travis Pastrana, who undertakes the task of terrorising his hometown of Annapolis, Maryland.

And wait, what, he’s not in a Ford? Indeed, this latest hooning extravaganza centres around a heavily modified Subaru Impreza STI that pushes out 643kW.

Of course, this latest video was filmed and edited by the same team that makes all the Gymkhana films, namely Hoonigan Media Machine.

But what can we say about the car?

“When Ken Block handed over the reins for Travis Pastrana to take over this year’s Gymkhana film, Travis knew he couldn’t just show up with any ‘ol racecar: he would need the wildest Subaru STI ever built,” Hoonigan Media said.

“So Subaru Motorsports USA tapped Vermont Sportscar to do just that, putting together a Gymkhana car with absolutely no restrictions. The result? An 862hp (643kW) STI that could corner, slide, and fly better than any car before it. With some special touches just for the video, of course.”

You can check that all in the video below.

The heavily modified car that made it all happen is also incredibly light and agile thanks to an Active Eero carbon fibre body, and boy does it like to rev, with a redline set at 8000rpm. You can take a closer look at the car in the video below:

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