Watch hectic Ferrari FXX Evoluzione crash

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Nov 27, 2017

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In the exotic and rarefied realm of Ferraris, one is more exotic and rare than them all: the FXX Evoluzione. Which is why it hurts all the more to see one get crashed.

The Enzo-based supercar, of which less than 40 were built, represents the pinnacle of prancing horse technology, and customers who lay down around R37-million to buy one are only allowed to drive it on special track days which are approved by Ferrari.

It was at one such recent track day at Italy's Monza circuit where an owner got it wrong and stuck his FXX Evoluzione into the barriers at high speed. The powerful 6.3-litre V12-engined car takes some skill to drive at the best of times, but when the track is also moist it doesn't take much for 603 rampant kiloWatts to go awry when you're not extra careful.

Youtube user 19Bozzy92, who posted the video, suggests the driver lost it at around 270km/h while braking at the end of the main straight. The car's seen bouncing over the kerbs before smashing into the protective barrier.

The driver reportedly escaped unscathed but we don't know the fate of this particular car and how much damage was caused. From the look of it, the front bodywork sustained some significant damage and one of the front wheels was ripped off, but the rear (and its mid-mounted engine) look intact.

Be warned: if you're a Ferrari fan, or supercar fan, or don't like seeing very expensive stuff getting damaged - this will make you wince. 

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