Los Angeles, California - Chris Forsberg takes drifting in confined spaces to a new level in his latest video, filmed in a scrapyard, sliding with pinpoint accuracy through the gaps between the cars and neatly busting containers filled with orange and blue dye, the colours of his sponsors, NOS energy drink.

Imaginative camerawork and slick editing by Donut Media gives you an idea of just how frenetic - and how noisy! - the action in the cockpit is during the three-minute drive.

Three times Formula Drift champion Forsberg’s Nissan 370Z has been stroked to 4.2 litres, with twin turbos from Fast Intentions, and kicks out close to 750kW, delivered to the rear wheels via a triple-plate clutch and carbon-fibre propshaft.

Its running gear has been upgraded with aftermarket upper control arms, adjustable race-spec shock absorbers, high-performance Wilwood brakes (including a hydraulic handbrake) and race-spec axles.

Amp up the volume and enjoy!