Watch world's hottest hatch run 8.47s quarter-mile!

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Aug 23, 2018

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Hockenheim, Germany - If you think putting foot and unleashing 907kW in a straight line is easy, watch this video of Boba Motoring’s notorious Golf Mk2 at the recent Hockenheim Public Race Days.

With 4Motion all wheel drive and a DSG transmission, all Boba Kettler has to do is “stomp it and steer” as Nicolas Cage so succinctly told Laura Dern in the 1990 cult film “Wild at Heart”, but at first the car is all over the strip as one wheel, then another, breaks traction under the pressure of 1094Nm, with Kettler battling for a clean launch and fighting the wheel all the way.

Nevertheless, he got into the eights on his very first run and kept at it until he set a new world record for a two-litre hatchback with a DSG transmission of 8.47 seconds at 269km/h.

Still very much a work in progress, the Boba Motoring Jumbo Golf currently runs a two-litre, 16 valve Volkswagen engine, rebuilt by Kettler with a CNC-ported cylinder head from NG-Motorsports, a turocharger almost as big as the engine block from Extreme Tuners and a DQ250 DSG transmission that now has its own ECU with special software by Adrenalin Tuning.

And here’s the scariest thing about this megawatt motor car: It’s street-legal.

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