A shopping mall somewhere in France - Renault's latest series of TV commercials is based on the premise that "There is some Formula 1 in every Renault", and plays to every petrol-head's favourite car-park daydreams - that he's heading into pit lane for the fastest tyre-change in hatchback history or, better still, parc fermé after setting the pole-position qualifying time for tomorrow's Grand Prix.

And then they made those daydreams come true, ambushing unsuspecting Renault drivers on garage forecourts and supermarket carparks with the whole set-up, right down to scantily-clad umbrella girls and in-your-face TV interviewers.

After you've had a good laugh at all the razzmatazz, watch the first two spots in the series, just below, a second time, just for the play of expression on the faces of the 'victims'!