SA’s 10 best selling cars of 2016

Published Jan 10, 2017


Johannesburg – 2016 will go down as a dismal year for vehicle sales in South Africa, with Naamsa’s numbers showing an 11.4 percent drop compared to 2015, largely due to above-average vehicle price increases on the back of a weaker rand and low consumer confidence.

On the upside, experts are predicting a modest upturn during the second half of this year, providing that the year doesn’t dish up any nasty economic surprises.

There were no big changes to the status quo as far as South Africa’s best selling cars were concerned. 

The two best selling vehicles overall were bakkies, with Toyota moving 35 428 Hiluxes and Ford’s Ranger following closely at 32 468. We’ll deal with all the bakkies in a separate story, so for now let’s take a look at South Africa’s most popular conventional passenger cars and SUVs. Note, however, that brands such as Hyundai, Kia and Mercedes-Benz could not be included in this list as they do not report individual sales figures.

1. Volkswagen Polo Vivo

Total sold: 28 830

Best month: Jan (2336)

Worst month: Nov: (1649)

Monthly average: 2402.5

2. Volkswagen Polo

Total sold: 23 279

Best month: Oct, 2458

Worst Month: Dec, 1504

Monthly average: 1940

3. Toyota Corolla, Quest & Auris

Total sold: 17 499

Best month: Sep, 2061

Worst Month: Dec, 957

Monthly average: 1458.2

4. Toyota Etios

Total sold: 12 768

Best month: Jan, 1937

Worst Month: May, 731

Monthly average: 1064

5. Ford Fiesta

Total sold: 12 204

Best month: Oct, 1856

Worst Month: Apr, 536

Monthly average: 1017

6. Ford EcoSport

Total sold: 11 442

Best month: May, 1169

Worst Month: June, 805

Monthly average: 953.5

7. Toyota Fortuner

Total sold: 11 060

Best month: July, 1418

Worst Month: Feb, 6

Monthly average: 921.7

8. BMW 3 Series

Total sold: 6680

Best month: Dec, 849

Worst Month: July, 363

Monthly average: 556.7

9. Renault Sandero

Total sold: 5861

Best month: Mar, 636

Worst Month: Nov: 211

Monthly average: 488.4

10. Ford Figo

Total sold: 5480

Best month: Mar, 1180

Worst Month: July, 156

Monthly average: 456.7

Cars that nearly made it:

Renault Clio (5093), Toyota Rav4 (5021), Toyota Avanza (4904), VW Golf (4496), Chevrolet Spark (4306).

What to watch in 2017?

Renault’s Kwid was only introduced towards the end of 2016, but it’s been selling up a storm, with 752 units sold in December alone. Expect to see it on this list next year.

Many of SA’s most popular cars are also due for upgrades during the course of the year, including the Toyota Etios and Corolla, VW Golf and Renault Sandero. This could see them climb a notch or two on the sales charts.

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