Delareyville - It’s not an urban legend, it’s a South African taxi!

In Delareyville in the North West, a taxi driver was caught using a wheel spanner instead of a steering wheel.

The taxi was impounded.

Ben Bole, spokesman for the North West Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, said that 16 vehicles in that area were impounded by the traffic authorities, as they were unroadworthy or operating without permits.


One taxi “was operating without a steering wheel where the driver was using a wheel spanner”, said Bole.

In the Rustenburg area of the North West, traffic authorities impounded “about 99 taxis” with various faults, said Bole.

Fines were issued and pound fees totaling R85 560 were paid, he said.

“Public transport users must refuse to be ferried by unroadworthy taxis and vehicles, it is their lives and they must fight for their own protection,” said MEC Gaoage Molapisi, who heads the provincial department.

The Star