Latest Lamborghini tractor is called the R8. Nobodys saying why, though. To give you some idea of just how big this Lamborghini is, those Pirelli tyres are 1.62 metres high.

Lamborghini has a new flagship model, and it’s called the R8. Wait, what?

No, seriously. There’s a new Lamborghini, not Audi, called the R8, but this one’s meant more for hauling hay and less for hauling ass.

This is possibly the first time we’ve ever included a tractor in our pages, but the sense of irony here is too big to pass up.

Because, although Audi owns Lamborghini Automobili, Ferrucio Lamborghini’s original agricultural-equipment factory, Lamborghini Trattori, has been part of the Same Deutz-Fahr group since 1973.

We don’t think it’s a coincidence that the font used in the tractor’s R8 logo is almost identical to the one on Audi’s namesake supercar - and it’s obvious that the farmers heading up the Lamborghini division at Same Deutz-Fahr like to play mind games with the suits over at the Four Ring Circus.


Either way, this is the biggest and baddest Lamborghini tractor money can buy, and if you have the roughly R3-million to buy one you can expect all the creature comforts of a modern-day Italian exotic. The R8 gets a powerful air conditioning system with no less than 15 adjustable vents, and a drinks chiller, which you’ll need to keep cool a cabin with seven square metres of glass enclosing it.

Lamborghini also claims: “The only vibration you feel will be your heartbeat”, not hard to believe considering its air suspension, self levelling cab and hydraulically mounted seat.

Underneath the aggressively-styled bonnet there’s a 24-valve, straight-six, 7.2-litre turbodiesel with outputs of 202kW and a massive 1052Nm, coupled to an automatic all-wheel drive system. Just don’t go taking on any Audi R8s at the robots, because while it’s got enough torque to uproot a tree stump without breaking a sweat, it’s electronically limited to just 50km/h. - Star Motoring