Tata has shown off its T1 Prima race truck, which claims to be the most powerful Indian-built truck ever. 

Showcased in a one make Tata truck racing series in India, but more than twice as powerful as its counterparts, the T1 Prima has a 1040 horsepower (775kW) 12-litre engine that was developed in conjunction with Cummins. 

The motor, which produces 3500Nm of torque between 1600 and 2200rpm, is mounted in the middle of the chassis and is mated to a 16 speed gearbox with hydraulic assisted gear shifting.

Tata says its new beast can accelerate from zero to 160km/h in just 10 seconds.

Tata Commercial Vehicles Executive Director Ravindra Pisharody said: “After having hosted three successive T1 seasons, we at Tata Motors are happy to announce our next big innovation in the form of the 1000 bhp T1 Prima race truck. 

“Built with specifications similar to that of trucks that race globally, the vehicle was developed in a record time 12 months – a demonstration of teamwork, speed and capability. With this new track based machine, we are truly ahead of contemporary; we are future ready and through T1 we’ve proved time and again to showcase a distinctive partnership between sporting and technological excellence for the Tata Motors brand.”