Somewhere in America - Let's face it, most of us get rather annoyed (or even somewhat revved up) when we see a car spread across two parking bays, particularly when the car in question is an expensive one.

Yet the Jeep Wrangler driver in the video above, posted by Classic American Muscles Car, decided to do more than just leave a snotty note under the windscreen wiper: he actually moved it out the way with his bull-barred behemoth, while his friend kindly recorded it all from outside the vehicle.

Needless to say, the BMW 5 Series at the wrong end of this act of rage picked up some sizeable dents on its side. 

All the usual disclaimers apply here, like "don't try this at home kids" and "it's illegal and will certainly get you arrested when they track you down", not to mention "the owner might have a weapon and a better sense of aim than your ability to duck", etc etc.


This takes reckless to a whole new level

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