Usain Bolt with his custom Nissan GT-R, finished in 'Bolt Gold'. Picture: Nissan

Rio de Janiero - Six-times Olympic gold medallist and Nissan global director of excitement Usain Bolt is without doubt the fastest man on the planet. But is he as fast as a flame?

That’s the challenge posed by Nissan for a two-minute documentary-style infomercial promoting the launch of its flagship GT-R sports coupé for the first time in Brazil later this year.

Shot in Jamaica, Bolt's home country, the video shows Bolt contending against the speed of a flame in a fictional "Fire Research Laboratory ".

He's also seen driving his custom GT-R - finished in 'Bolt Gold' - and sharing what it feels like to be the fastest person on Earth, as he prepares to defend that title in the biggest arena of them all, saying: "I set goals for myself. My goal is to be the greatest."

In any other man that would be insufferable arrogance but, as with the late Muhammad Ali, in his case it's a simple statement of fact. Because he is.

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