The Foxray Demon Gaming Mouse. Picture by Luther de Lange.
The Foxray Demon Gaming Mouse. Picture by Luther de Lange.

Foxxray Demon Gaming Mouse: Quality becomes affordable

By Luther De Lange Time of article published Feb 10, 2020

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With the big names in the industry, like Redragon and MSI, one does not think of Chinese brand Foxxray to be a competitor, but the Demon Gaming Mouse changes that. 

The Demon gaming mouse is a great mouse for the R500 price tag but the mouse becomes amazing for the fact that most places discount the mouse to R279, like, or R299. Less than R300 for a mouse of this quality is a steal. But, does this large-scale price reduction signal poor quality? 

The basic features of the Demon Gaming Mouse include four adjustable dots-per-inch (DPI) settings with a max of 4000D DPI, five custom profiles, seven programmable buttons, RGB backlighting, braided cable, and software for customization of the profiles and buttons. 

While all the features sound intimidating, that is not the case. The DPI settings change the sensitivity of the mouse, i.e. how much effort is required to move the cursor from one side of the screen to the other. 

SA Nerd Force's full review of the Foxxray FXR-SM-17 Demon Gaming Mouse. Video by Luther de Lange, Daniel Petersen, and Kritina Maharaj

This is essentially for gaming as it allows four sensitivity settings for users to pick their preferences when playing and makes sure that more people can use the mouse. The red, green, and blue (RGB) lighting make the mouse aesthetically pleasing while not being distracting and the braided cable adds durability.

There are many positives to the Demon Gaming Mouse. Firstly, it is easy to use on all surfaces. You do not need a mousepad to work the Demon gaming mouse unless you are on a glass surface. 

The scroll wheel, much like the rest of the mouse, is good quality and feels durable. The Demon Gaming mouse is responsive: no lagging when you move it, clicking is easy, and the clicks register straight away. 

Side view of the Demon Gaming Mouse. Picture by Luther de Lange.

The mouse is durable and the buttons and scroll wheel do not feel flimsy as you use them. The mouse is larger and heavier than others which I enjoyed as it made the mouse feel less flimsy but some may not like the weight or size if they have small hands.

While the Demon Gaming Mouse has its weak points, there are only a few to mention. The mouse comes with a software disk that is unusable if you do not have a disk drive, and the ability to customize the mouse buttons is taken away. 

Also, the mouse buttons can be in the way when you first start to use the Demon Gaming Mouse but this is only a minor issue as you accidentally press them less as you get used to the mouse. 

So, should you get the Demon Gaming Mouse?

For the price, The Demon Gaming Mouse is a good deal and my colleagues and I loved using it to review it. From video editing to gaming, the Demon Gaming Mouse can keep up with the most intense sessions. It is not a top of the range product and so some may find better alternatives but for its price, it is worth the buy. 

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