Zoey Deutch and James Franco in 'Why Him?'. Picture: YouTube/Screengrab
Zoey Deutch and James Franco in 'Why Him?'. Picture: YouTube/Screengrab

WATCH: Zoey Deutch describes how she felt kissing James Franco

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Jun 21, 2018

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Zoey Deutch says kissing James Franco was "meh" because he had bad breath.

The 23-year-old actress portrayed the 40-year-old star's on-screen lover Stephanie in the 2016 movie 'Why Him?', but having to lock lips on set was an awkward experience for Zoey. 

Appearing on 'Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen' on Wednesday night, she was asked by a fan how she found the experience, and she coyly replied: "Meh."

When the talk show host asked: "Really, not great?", she bluntly said: "No."

Pressing her for more details, Andy asked: "Not memorable?", and she replied: "Yeah! Very [not memorable]."

He then asked: "How was the breath?", and the actress spilled: "Actually not good."

Meanwhile, Zoey recently admitted her latest movie 'Set It Up' is a "love letter" to her friends.

The romantic comedy features two overworked personal assistants who conspire to set up their bosses in order to make their jobs easier, and Zoey explained that she has many friends in similar positions and she wanted to make the movie for them.

Speaking of her research for the movie, she said: "I interviewed a slew of overworked assistants and I asked them all to tell me their craziest stories. They were all anonymous.

Some of them were embedded in the script, which was great. I also feel like this movie is in some ways a love letter to my friends who are tortured assistants as well because I'm 23 and a lot of my friends are in the early stages of being an assistant."

The 'Flower' star previously admitted she believes she gets her passion for acting from her Hollywood star mother Lea Thompson, as she was always "proud" of her job growing up.

She said: "She works harder than anyone I know. I remember when I was a kid, she never said, 'I'm so sorry I have to go to work.' She would just say, 'I love you, and I'm going to work.' We knew that she was proud of it, and she was also an excellent mother. There were no apologies necessary."

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