5-year-old girl HIV positive after rape

By BY ASANDA SOKANYILE Time of article published Mar 11, 2015

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Cape Town - A five-year-old girl has been infected with HIV after allegedly being raped by her mother’s 72-year-old boyfriend.

The little girl’s womb is damaged so badly that she will never be able to conceive.

The girl’s sister and a friend were allegedly also raped by the same man, but they tested negative for HIV.

The attacks allegedly happened at the accused’s home in an informal settlement in Mitchells Plain.

The man has been arrested on charges of rape and sexual assault.

The sisters’ devastated father blamed his ex-wife for the abuse which went on for eight months, and claimed she knew about it.

“What she has done is like pouring petrol over my baby’s body and setting it alight, she has killed my baby,” the father said.

“She knew what was going on and she allowed it, she told both my little girls to keep the matter quiet and never tell anyone.

“Her boyfriend has now infected my child with a deadly disease and the doctors say she can never have children because her womb was so badly damaged.”

Residents found out about the attacks after the friend’s mother noticed something was wrong with her daughter.

The child said the man, known as “Mdala”, gave her a R5 after he had raped her.

The mother went to see the sisters’ father and told him about the abuse.

The father said: “When that lady came and told me what Mdala had done to her child, I couldn’t believe it.

“My ex-wife lived with him and my children, I did not think it could be happening to them. But a voice in my head kept telling me something was not right.

“When my daughter told me exactly what happened I cried.

“That evil man raped my child, then he bathed her and gave her food afterwards. He did this every day for eight months and her mother did nothing.

“All she did was tell my kids to never tell anyone and she stopped them from visiting me,” he said.

The sisters are still living with their mother, and the father, 52, is now trying to get them back.

“I will not rest until that woman is in jail with her lover,” he said.

The suspect will apply for bail in the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court on March 19.

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